Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why Yoga Retreats Rock

An article by Amy Ippoliti and Tarah Cech

Hi my name is Amy Ippoliti, and I am a yoga retreat junkie. It started back in the 90’s in Utah after my first taste of a retreat with John Friend up in the mountains. Thanks to John, I now have an addiction to yoga retreats.

In yoga, we start with the premise that as individuals we want to take care of our health, emotional well-being and develop a deeper connection to spirit in order to serve our families, community and the world more fully.

With today’s fast paced culture it is easy to lose sight of what is most meaningful in our lives. Distractions abound, and the use of abundant forms of communication technology leaves us little time for restoration, relaxation, and rejuvenation, let alone basic free time. Over time, lack of attention to what is most important leads to depletion, stress and “dis-ease”.

In the ancient yogic text called the Upanishads, it is stated that one must first be able to put food on the table and take care of survival needs before asking the bigger questions in life. So once one finds a certain degree of success, the opportunity to go to the next level arises. Most yoga students have achieved this basic level of success and have made it to the yoga studio to discover more.

What is so different about a yoga retreat?

Imagine waking up in an exotic location, strolling along a garden path to join a group of like minded friends for a vibrant organic breakfast that has been prepared for you by someone else, and then making your way to a gorgeous outdoor yoga studio where your favorite teacher is waiting to guide you in an extended blissful practice.

With out you having to think about it, as you are on the mat, your room is being freshly cleaned, your bed made, and an exquisite lunch is being prepared in the kitchen.

Following lunch you relax in the hot tub or receive a healing spa treatment, and like magic the gardens are being optimized by the staff, the yoga studio is being swept clean, and a nourishing dinner is on its way.

You invest your leisure time in contemplation of what really matters, setting intentions for your life, turning obstacles into opportunities, and visioning your dreams while keeping company with other great beings who share the desire to live out loud, on purpose and with celebration.

Your afternoon practice supports you in integrating the wisdom of a great lineage of teachers into your experience both on and off the mat, and you leave class feeling more inspired, hopeful, with a lighter load, and more open to possibility.
The days continue in this way, and by the end of the trip your spiritual gas tank has been filled to the brim, your battery has been recharged, you realize that you are truly supported by friends on your journey, and the world awaits your excellent contribution and the higher frequency you can now share.

What’s not to love?

If you want to become a retreat junkie like me, there are a variety of fabulous trips to choose from with beautiful teachings, in gorgeous locations globally. Visit to begin dreaming your next adventure now.

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