Sunday, January 25, 2009

Amy, and some Boulder Yogi's, Take a Look at the Economy

Constant exposure to the media creates a wave of fear that rocks the web of our culture. I am not an economist, and certainly there are many reasons the economy is in need of a high-colonic right now (sorry for the imagery!) - there is a lot of understandable contraction. However fear it seems, is the one of the biggest causes of the constipation. Yogis have always lived as an example, whether through living green, being kind, or showing up for our own self inquiry. Now more than ever, we can do so many things to transcend the fear, be positive lights for the world, bring prosperity and abundance into our lives and those around us, and help assist the flow of shri (abundance and resourcefulness) back into our economy! To help have a better attitude during these times, I started re-applying some tried and true principles to my life, and already I am seeing a difference in the amount of fiscal flow around myself and others around me!

The Yogi's Guide to Economic Transformation
Some things to keep your spirits up and ride the wave of the economic transition:

1. Ride the Wave
Recognize that this is a contractive ("nimeshic") part of the cycle or spanda of things. As with anything challenging, breathe and move through it, trusting in the passage of time to ride out the cycle.

2. Turn off your TV
We often think the world will fall apart if we ourselves do not watch the news. The world does fine "falling apart" with out us! I admit the news since Jan. 20th must be a vast improvement, but keep yourself uplifted in general by reducing your news feed and becoming more conscious of what you are ingesting - you'll be of much more help that way!

3. Keep giving to Non-profits and charities
In challenging times it is important to put into motion the causes that will create the future you want. Therefore the quickest way to help clear monetary constipation is to keep it moving and flowing! The more generous you are, the more space you create for generosity to flow back to you. Donating up to 10% of your income to your favorite organizations will not only empower you, but return to you tenfold! A small good deed will over time become mega-magnified. Here are some organizations to which I regularly donate:

"It's as if our Asana practice was the conscious attempt at creating challenging and stressful conditions so that we might practice "YOGA" with greater ease when those conditions arise in our day to day life. The current Economic Situation is like a really deep Hanumanasana for someone with tight hamstrings like me. The opportunity here is to maintain the YOGA of spacious mind, open heart and easy breathing....which then creates the causes for more of the same in the future!"
~Mathew Gerson, CEO and founder,

4. Be Resourceful
Part of living abundantly is also about being "squirrely", which is distinctly different than being an uptight scrooge! Even if you think you do not have it, pay yourself first by consistently putting 10% of your income into a savings account (or stash) and commit to not spend or touch it. Put this money away and you will naturally adapt and learn to live off the rest. Naturally you will be encouraged to find ways to earn more if you need it. Just this one act alone of putting money away BEFORE you spend it, sends a message to the universe that you can handle "containing" money, and like magic more than enough comes back to cover your expenses plus more.

5. Reduce Stress by keeping up your health and wellness routine
I recently lapsed in having my regular bodywork done. After I finally got back into it, I was so glad did - it shifted my whole being! When stress and uncertainty are in the air, living in angst or thinking fearfully is crippling. Now more than ever it is critical to keep up your mind and body by practicing your yoga consistently with the kula, meditating, staying fit, getting massaged and pampered, and keeping regular wellness appointments. The barter system is also alive and well, so get creative and trade where you can.

6. Keep up your Yoga Studies, Retreats, Immersions and Keep Company with the Best
Through meditation, positive affirmation and yoga you can more easily shift your energy to creating internal wealth and wellness. By keeping company with the best, our spirits stay uplifted. Retreats, Immersions, and trainings are investments that provide infinite returns, without fail. Our internal reality is what actually creates our external reality or circumstances (not the other way around). When you are with the kula, it is so much easier to find others who are positive and elevated. I'm pretty stoked to be going to Costa Rica with John Friend this March just after leading our retreat in Chile!

7. Continue to eat well and fortify yourself
I read somewhere recently that in a downed economy sales on SPAM go through the roof. Now is not the time to compromise on nutrition! If I could narrow down the thing I am most grateful for, it would be my health. It is my health and vitality that allows me to move in the world most vibrantly and to be of the most service with my energy. Keep eating super foods, organic produce, and go for the beans and rice! My personal favorite supplier of raw, organic rainforest super foods is Amazon Herb Company. Not only is their food outstanding, but they are one of the few superfood companies that are proving to everyone that the rainforest is more valuable alive then cut down! Check out their new Pure Camu Rainforest Blend that is sweeping the nation, ZAMU.

"While the old economy is dying there is a new one emerging. The old crops are gone, new seedlings need to be tended. I love pouring what money and time I have like water onto the seeds of a beautiful and peaceful emerging world. Some of my favorites - local farmers, small independent stores, small clothing companies, local environmental organizations, public radio and service groups. Instead of stopping the flow, I'm finding that digging into the corners, there are a lot of resources that have been lying dormant and are ready to be made useful by being given away or activated. Let the crumbling dishonest and corrupt businesses dissolve from lack of attention and turn toward what you love. Keep the flow going into the places you want to nurture!"
~ Ellin Todd, Anusara Yoga Inspired teacher, Boulder, Co

Nothing can stagnate forever - we are made up of pulsation (spanda). I'd like to think that a breakdown like this is our opportunity to become that much more conscious of everything we do, say, and choose, and a time to allow old ideas and habits to pass on and for new creativity and ideals to be born. How am I choosing to view the current economy? Not just in transition, but in TRANSFORMATION! How am I choosing to view my own personal economy? As prosperous and abundant as ever - because I believe in the promise of Shri - there is always more.


shakti_oils said...

Hi Amy,
I loved your yoga tips for economic transformation and I laughed when you said the economy needs a high-colonic!
What a way to put it and so TRUE!

Thanks for the tips.
I'm going to share this with my blog readers and link back to you here so they can read the whole post. I'm sure they'll love it.


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